March 08, 2021

Mapping Norwegian production and suppliers: Road trip to Norheimsund and Sjølingstad

By Iben Bergstrøm
Mapping Norwegian production and suppliers: Road trip to Norheimsund and Sjølingstad

Exploring local resources has always been important at Color Vision. If there is a way to produce and manufacture closer to home we need to explore it. 

First stop in the journey was manufacturer Norhand in Norheimsund. Norhand makes protection garments for the welding industry (I could have worn some of them!). Meeting the charming ladies working there and discussing future production possibilities was so fun, and I hope we will be able to work together. 

Mette and Sigrunn examining the proto I brought!

The second stop was Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik, a functioning museum from 1894. It was such an experience! To view the entire production process of a textile from filament to yarn to fabric, and the finishing process. I had manager Sylvi with me to tell me all about the machines, and introduce me to the talented employees at the factory. I was fascinated by the looms and the jacquard machine, weaving Sjølingstads beautiful signature bird patterns in all sorts of amazing colors created by Jorunn. 

Textile replicated from the migration period by Mandal Teppeveveri. Then dyed in this beautiful yellow and finished at Sjølingstad.

Garnlager sjølingstad

The yarn storage at Sjølingstad.

Loommasters Trine and Lisa with wadmal warp.

The impressive jacquard loom, often referred to as the first computer system. The loom weaves patterns from punch cards like binary code. As you can see in the background Sjølingstad makes their amazing bird patterns on this loom. 


Trine and Lisa have recently started to weave linen, as you can see on the spools here.

It was such an interesting and enlightening journey, with amazing and positive people. I can't wait to tell you more!


Thank you Bergen Kommune for funding the journey!