December 15, 2022

Welcome to the Color Vision concept store at Bryggen in Bergen

By Iben Bergstrøm
Welcome to the Color Vision concept store at Bryggen in Bergen

Welcome to the brand new Color Vision concept store at Bryggen in Bergen! 

On friday the new store opened in Bergen showcasing the latest Color Vision collections. The new store is a combined shop and studio, and will be the primary workspace of Iben Bergstrøm, the founder and designer behind Color Vision. And little Pepper, a jack russell terrier. 

Color Vision butikk skilt

We are also super happy to share the floor with North & Lights, where Christine creates handmade scented candles. Follow the colorful signs to the shop walking up from Julehuset at Bryggen. The store is situated a stone throw from RØST, and is at the end of the first Bryggen "street" coming from the city centre.

Color Vision butikk skilt

The shop is situated at Bryggen, a unesco heritage site dating back to the middle ages. During the 12th century and onwards Bryggen was an important center for trade, and the administrative center for the church and kingdom. Our venue was used to store dryfish, and the lagged walls still glitter from the salt used to conserve the fish. The labanque doors which seal the shop also have ancient markings in norse.

Color Vision butikk Bergen FAYE wool knit dress

The buildings at Bryggen are protected, and therefore we can not paint the lagged walls, but were allowed to paint the wooden boards which were already put up.

color vision butikk faye wool knit dress

The clothing racks are handmade using a broom shaft and wire, and our intern this fall, Selle made the light plan with interchangeable led lights to accentuate the wooden beams in the ceiling.

color vision butikk solid color tights

Our solid color tights in new colors, now made in italy shine on top of the ultraviolet cube under the flower pot lamp. 

color vision butikk the oto collection

The OTO collection shines on custom pine racks underneath the photo backdrop.

color vision butikk bryggen dressing room

The dressing room is ready, complete with this amazing hand made wool carpet from Lone, a carpet manufacturer just outside Bergen. This carpet consists of yarn dyed at Hillesvåg Uldvarefabrikk - a mill also situated outside Bergen. 

color vision butikk workspace

The workspace is made up of Iben's mothers old textile printing table, and the underpart was given two coats of white Bengalack. 

color vision butikk workspace

The ultraviolet office chair was found next to a container by Iben's boyfriend Martin, and turned out to be a HÅG Kalypso from the late 70's. It was in bad shape, but after getting upholstered with hallingdal fabric from Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrikk it looks amazing!

The shop is open thursdays from 11-19 and fridays from 11-18. Directions are below. See you there!